We currently teach the homeless children languages, music, songs and general social behaviour. We are looking to expand our education topics to cover technical skills in local craftworks, environmental and ecological studies, etc. The progress that we have achieved so far is tremendously rewarding for the whole team and we are much more encouraged to help these kids in the future as much as we can. We managed to send a few of them back to school as they aren't required to beg any more with our support. Now that we have handled most of the critical priorities, we've got a few more projects lined up in education Inc teaching the children English - as Madagascar is a French speaking country, we believe English will give them a competitive advantage one day. We've also talked to a few local craft workshops so as to train the kids on woodcraft, which sells big in Madagascar. We taught them to write alphabets and numbers not so long ago and they were very skilled in shaping letters. They were very proud of their skills themselves.